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Who Needs Breakdown Insurance?

Not everyone needs breakdown insurance. If you are retired, rarely travel by motor vehicle or perhaps even have your supplies delivered to your house, breakdown insurance is probably a non-essential expense. At the most, you might take out a trip specific policy if you decide to go on a motor vacation. Not very many people fit this description, however.

People Who Need Breakdown Insurance

If you travel to work, to school or for recreation, you might want to invest in breakdown insurance. Such coverage ensures that if your vehicle stops functioning, you are not stuck by the roadside – you have someone whom you can call. Furthermore, you know that the someone on the other end of the line will be reliable, will speak your language, and will be motivated to give you the help that you need.

What’s Included in Breakdown Insurance

Quick, reliable service from a certified mechanic is the primary benefit derived from breakdown insurance. If the solution is something simple, such as a jumpstart or retrieving your keys if they’ve been locked inside your vehicle, you are probably covered. If parts or supplies such as a can of gasoline, oil, a tire or some other replacement part are required, you will probably be expected to pay for them.

Are All Cars Covered?

Most cars and even motorbikes can be covered for roadside assistance but check your policy carefully. Some policies limit the age of the vehicle, while others might put a cap on the number of times you can receive assistance. Also, you might be called upon to prove that your vehicle is roadworthy at the time you take out the policy. Some types of breakdown insurance will also assist with high-dollar repairs. In order to get this last sort of breakdown insurance, however, you usually have to apply for it while your nearly new vehicle is still under warranty.

Coverage for Older Cars

You can sometimes get coverage for your older car, but you must be able to show that it is in good repair. Classic cars can easily be covered, again if they are in good repair. But you are unlikely to be able to get the sort of breakdown insurance that pays for parts; only the kind that covers get that certified mechanic to you. That can be worthwhile if you have a vehicle that you don’t want just anybody working on.

New Car Cover

A new is less likely to require roadside assistance, especially if you get the kind of vehicle that talks to you about things like being low on petrol, needing to inflate your tires and whether it is time to get your next oil change. But even the newest vehicles are mechanical, and mechanical things can develop glitches, often at the least convenient times. Breakdown insurance on your new car helps to protect your investment.

Travel Insurance

Before embarking on a vacation, be sure that your breakdown insurance includes options for the locations along your planned travel route, especially if you plan to drive through several countries in Europe. Your insurance agent will be able to help you plan your travel itinerary and ensure that you are in touch with the service personnel specific to the areas through which you will travel. Even if you don’t normally have breakdown insurance as part of your policy, you can purchase trip-specific coverage.

You Aren’t Required to Have Breakdown Insurance

Breakdown insurance is not required for any vehicle. But unless you are a reclusive retiree, it can give you peace of mind for your travels, whether it is across the UK, or just across town.

Find a Credit Counseling Service: Should You See a Credit Counselor to Get Out of Debt Faster?

If creditors are looming and you’re barely making the minimum payments on your credit cards, it might be time to seek professional help.

What to Look for in a Credit Counseling Service

  • Find a reputable non-profit agency. The best place to start would be the National Foundation for Credit Counseling. They can refer you to a member organization near you.
  • Ask questions before you sign up for anything. Don’t even meet with a counselor until you find out exactly what the fees will entail. Usually a counselor will sit down with you and go over your short- and long-term goals including quick cash borrowing. Come prepared with pay stubs, bills, anything that will help the counselor get a clear picture of your financial health. If he/she suggests you enter a debt management plan, you’ll be charged a fee that will be separate from your bill payments. The agency will negotiate with creditors on your behalf and are usually able to lower interest payments, reduce or eliminate late fees and over-the-limit charges. You then make one payment to the counseling service and they in turn pay all your creditors.

Is it Possible to Negotiate with Creditors without the Help of a Credit Counseling Service?

Yes. In fact you should try to do that before you seek a counselor’s help. Really, there’s nothing that a counseling service can do that you can’t on your own. They may have more clout with creditors, but if you enter into a debt management plan, you will have to close your credit card accounts. If you negotiate on your own, you might be able to keep the accounts open.

Tips on Negotiating with Creditors

Have a specific plan in mind before you get on the phone. Propose a payment plan you can live with and ask the representative to reduce your interest charges. If you are getting nowhere with the person on the phone, ask to speak with a manager. Be polite but firm. Explain your situation and the steps you are willing to take to pay off your debt. Try to get your interest payments reduced as much as possible, along with late fees and over-the-limit charges. Remember, it is in their best interest to come to terms with you and start getting paid.

Debit Card Quick Loans – Loans for Your Emergency

Debit card quick loans are the ideal solution when you are struck in an emergency like paying the bills that are not expected, an urgent repair to your car or buying a new dress to attend a party on the weekend. There is no necessity for you to prove your identity to take the loan. The lender will not ask you for any collateral as well. The debit card is the main security for the quick loan.

The hassles of giving proof of your address or your employment are not insisted upon when you are taking debit card quick loan. But, some of the lenders insist that the debit card holder must be 18 years and above to take a loan.

The debit card will establish your credentials as the repaying capacity. If the lender is satisfied, you can get the loan within a short time and the loan will be credited to your bank account that can be withdrawn by you. The lender normally will not go back and dig at your credit history. Even if you are low on your credit scores you can still get the loan.

The amount of loan against a debit card ranges from as low as $100 to $1,500. It must be repaid after 14 days to 31 days as a practice. The loan will attract a higher rate of interest due to the small amount and the absence of a security. You have to deposit postdated checks with the lender. The lender will present the checks on the due dates and recover the money along with the interest. If for any reason you want to extend the repayment, you can pay the up- to- date interest and ask for time to repay the loan.

The cost of the loan in the form of interest is expensive. If you are a salaried person it is the most expensive. The income per month by way of your salary is fixed and you do not have any additional income. Hence, you must be careful while taking a loan. You have to be disciplined on your spending and try to save as much as possible to meet your commitment of repaying the loan on your debit card.

You can approach the bank with whom you have been dealing for the past so many years. The bank is aware of your transaction and your income as well. Your repaying capacity is known to the bank as well. You may have to sign some papers in the bank and the loan amount will be credited to your account immediately.

Alternatively, you can surf the Internet. The Internet is full of lenders that are ready to give a quick loan on debit cards. There is a lot of competition to lend money on debit cards. You can ask for the best quote and finalize on a deal that is most suited to you in terms of interest rate and the repayment period.

You have to be extra cautious when you take a debit card quick loan. There are chances of your falling in a debt trap. Once if you fall into the trap it is difficult to come out of it. It may become a habit to borrow a new loan and repay the earlier loan. And finally you will reach a situation where you will have to declare yourself as bankrupt

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